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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I claim?

 A good guide in deciding whether or not something is tax deductible is to measure it against the following standard. Did I pay the expense in order to earn my income, or in other words is there a connection between my paying the expense and earning my income.Some points to remember are:

  • Just because an employer directs you to pay the expense does not necessarily make it tax-deductible.
  • On a similar note just because you incur an expense voluntarily does not mean that it is non-deductible.

There are many rules that govern the claiming of expenses so if in doubt please bring in the information and ask one of our experienced consultants.

How long does my refund take?

The Australian Tax Office processes most refunds in 14 days (10 working days plus weekends). If you pay your fee out of your refund please ADD 3 days for processing. If you have questions about the progress of your refund please call us.What if I need help outside of Tax Time? Your consultant will provide you with a Tax Envelope and our Business Car. You can use those contact details anytime. We want to help you.

What if I start a business or need more involved help?

Just call us. We can help.

How long do I need to keep my receipts?

At least 5 years and they must be in a suitable form. Please ask a consultant for more information.

How can I stay up-to-date?

Make sure you provide your current email address when you get your tax done.  We will send out appropriate newsletters and updates throughout the year.

What can I claim in relation to my car?

There are a few options for claiming car expenses. Your ability to choose from them will be determined predominantly on the basis of whether or not you have kept a logbook. If you have not kept an appropriate logbook you will be able to claim up to 5000km of eligible work related travel (which in most circumstances excludes travel from home to the workplace and from the workplace to your home). If you have kept a correct logbook then you may claim a proportion of your actual expenses based on the proportion of business use. As in the case of other work related deductions you will need receipts for all your expenditure.