For your small business needs we recommend Cashflow Manager.

Cashflow Manager is ideal for small business owners, it is an accounting package designed to assist small business owners in running their business. It empowers users with the opportunity to keep excellent records and minimise costs, regardless of whether you know anything about accounting or not.

In order to use it, you simply record your receipts & payments transactions in columns. Everything is readily available on the screen for you to review. Each column has a ‘GST’ tax type that automatically calculates the GST and simplifies the preparation of your BAS Statements.

Now as an organisation rather than just sell you the package and leave you to struggle with setting up your business we take care of that for you. We do this by having you come in to our office where we will do the following:

  • Set up Cashflow Manager on your PC/Laptop, customizing it to your needs.
  • Run through the first month’s transactions with you. Showing you how to input them.
  • Do the First Bank Reconciliation with you.

This way you feel at home with the package from the very beginning. How could it be any easier?

We charge only $450 for this service. (This includes the price of Cashflow manager). Alternatively Cashflow Manager Gold (which includes Invoice Manager and Wages Manager) is available at additional cost.

To organise your purchase, or for any additional information call us on

(07) 3807 6222.